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we will only sell high quality dog products. We pride ouselves in providing high quality products at an affordable price.
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we will only sell high quality dog products. We pride ouselves in providing high quality products at an affordable price.
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The Top Ten Dog Breeds

Top Ten Dogs For 2000, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011.

Top 21 Dogs For 2011 are

2011 BREED

1 Labrador Retrievers

2 German Shepherd Dogs

3 Beagles

4 Golden Retrievers

5 Yorkshire Terriers

6 Bulldogs

7 Boxers

8 Poodles

9 Dachshunds

10 Rottweilers

11 Shih Tzu

12 Miniature Schnauzers 13 Doberman Pinschers 14 Chihuahuas 15 German Shorthaired Pointers 16 Siberian Huskies 17 Pomeranians 18 French Bulldogs 19 Great Danes 20 Shetland Sheepdogs 21 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

•The most popular breeds with the biggest increase in rankings over the past year include the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (from 108th to 93rd), the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (from 101st to 88th) and the Smooth Fox Terrier (from 123rd to 110th).

•The French Bulldog made the largest leap in the past decade, jumping 50 places from 71st to 21st. Other breeds with the biggest increase in rankings over the last decade include the Havanese (from 86th to 31st) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (from 54th to 23rd).

•Closing the gap this year, a couple of breeds that had been on the decline over the past decade made double digit increases over the past year. Keeshonden (from 102nd to 87th) and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (from 115th to 109th).

•"Bully" breeds have been steadily increasing over the past decade, including the Bull Terrier (from 78th to 53rd) and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (from 97th to 74th).

•Among smaller dogs that rose in the rankings were the Yorkshire Terrier (from 7th to 3rd), the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (from 54th to 23rd) and the Havanese (from 86th to 31st), proving that they are top of the Toys.

•A trend toward larger breeds is seen with the rise of the Great Dane (from 28th to 17th), Mastiff (from 39th to 28th), Newfoundland (from 53rd to 44th), Bernese Mountain Dog (from 58th to 39th) and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (from 104th to 88th).

•Three new breeds entered AKC’s registry in 2010, and the larger the breed, the higher they appeared in the rankings. The Leonberger, the largest of the new breeds, was ranked 33rd; the Cane Corso ranked 51st; and the smallest of the new breeds, the Icelandic Sheepdog, came in at 82nd.

Changes This Year


2010 2009 2005 2000

Labrador Retrievers 1 1 1 1

German Shepherd 2 2 4 3

Yorkshire Terriers 3 3 3 7

Beagles 4 5 5 5

Golden Retrievers 5 4 2 2

Bulldogs 6 7 13 21

Boxers 7 6 7 9

Dachshunds 8 8 6 4

Poodles 9 9 8 6

Shih Tzu 10 10 9 10

Rottweilers 11 13 16 11


1. Labrador Retriever

Few purebred dogs compare to the Labrador retriever in personality, talent and dedication. The Lab is the most popular dog in the world, gracing the homes of pet owners, sportsmen and show dog aficionados alike. The original Labs found in Newfoundland were predominately black, and today, this is still the most color in the breed. This dog needs lots of exercise.

2. German Shepherd

The German shepherd remains one of America's most sought after canine companions and working dogs, revered for its intelligence, trainability and natural beauty. Whether performing as a companion and show dog or serving as a working dog, the German shepherd impresses dog lovers worldwide. These dogs were originally bred to herd sheep, so they need lots of exercise.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

Distinctive for its diminutive stature and glossy steel blue coat, the Yorkshire terrier makes a hardy pet, a glamorous show dog and an animated, affectionate best friend. The breed's flawless appearance, sensible approach to life and uplifting spirit continue to win new Yorkie lovers every day.


The beagle is a simple and straightforward companion dog that desires nothing more than to be with his master or mistress. This is a hound that can make a genuine best friend for any owner. From its origins as a hunting scent hound in England to its current role as a pet and show dog, the beagle proves to be talented and intelligent.

5. Golden Retriever

Renowned for its lustrous golden coat, buoyant personality and desire to hunt, the golden retriever makes an ideal pet for young and old alike. Its winning ways and easy-to-train temperament account for its great popularity. Goldens are devoted to their masters and are considered by many to be the perfect family dog. These medium-to-large dogs require lots of space indoors and out.


Known for their loose-jointed, shuffling gait and massive, short-faced head, the Bulldog is known to be equable, resolute and dignified. A medium-sized dog, they are not your typical lap dog, but would like to be. They are one of the most popular breeds according to AKC® Registration Statistics due to their lovable and gentle dispositions and adorable wrinkles. The Bulldog may be brindle, white, red, fawn, fallow or piebald.

7. Boxer

The loyal and friendly boxer proves as devoted and affectionate as it does elegant and proud. A popular addition to the family and a true friend for life, the boxer offers owners everything they could expect from a canine companion: protection, loyalty, obedience, intelligence and good clean fun. Boxers are sweet, good-humored, family oriented, trainable and adaptable.

8. Dachshund

The Dachshund, meaning “badger dog” in German, is a lively breed with a friendly personality and keen sense of smell. Known for their long and low bodies, they are eager hunters that excel in both above- and below-ground work. One of the most popular breeds according to AKC® Registration Statistics, they come in three different coat varieties (Smooth, Wirehaired or Longhaired) and can be miniature or standard size.

9. Poodle

From the poodle's origins in Europe as an athletic hunter of waterfowl to today's reign as the premier show dog, prized home companion and talented performance dog, the poodle is a dog that excels in countless arenas and endeavors. Poodles love people and are particularly perceptive of their moods and emotions. Poodle traits include intelligence, emotional intuitiveness, love of companionship, physical agility and beauty.

10. Shih Tzu

Beloved the world over, the shih tzu has converted millions with its charm, intelligence and glamour. Underneath layers of colorful locks, the dog weighs 10 to 16 pounds and its ideal height is no more than 10.5 inches. This fairly healthy breed is neither snappy nor excessively noisy, but loves people, especially its owners.

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